Science now supports that we are more than just our physical bodies…As quantum physics states, we are an active expression of energy that is intimately connected to a Greater Source that moves through us, and connects us to each other and this planet.

We are the sum of our parts: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Many people are feeling stressed and disconnected due to one or more of these areas being out of alignment. In today’s world it is critical that our body, mind, heart and soul are accessed and brought into alignment for effective and productive living.



Dynamic Alignment

Dynamic Alignment is AUM’s signature program for people in the workplace. It delivers cutting edge information about our three-fold central nervous system, and effective ways to “re-circuit” and “re-program” our lives for optimal living. Dynamic Alignment provides practical tools that generate ease, flow, creativity, ingenuity, and productivity for expanded growth and wellness for both individuals and groups.

Our Dynamic Alignment team consists of professional board-certified Expressive Arts Therapists, Movement Specialists, Dynamic Alignment and Resilience Advantage Trainers, and Reiki Masters dedicated to wellness for individuals and groups in the workplace.

AUM’s Dynamic AlignmentTM and HeartMath Institute’s Resilience Advantage™ Packages are offered separately or in combination to smaller-based companies and large corporations. Both packages can be customized to meet the particular needs of the workplace.


The AUM Team

We are a team of professional board-certified Expressive Arts Therapists, Movement Specialists, Resilience Advantage Trainers, and Reiki Masters dedicated to wellness for individuals and groups in the workplace.

AUM’s Stress Relief/Resilience Advantage Training™ Packages are offered to smaller-based companies and large corporations.These packages include customized wellness/mindfulness and communications programs for stress reduction and greater efficacy in the workplace.

What Clients are Saying

We were blown away by these practices. It created a whole new way of relating to each other and the work. Truly amazing.

–Paula Kravitz, Director, Strategic Initiatives, Skoll Foundation

“I have been to many AUM events over the years and always found them worthwhile and uplifting. The Arts Unity Movement team is engaging and professional in all of the work that I’ve seen and experienced. I’m looking forward to their future growth and success.”

–Sean Morrison, Business Development Lead, ConnectSolutions

< The offerings at AUM bring up much needed discourse, healing, team building, and growth in our communities and companies.

–Scott Krajca, Manufacturing Engineer, The Boeing Company


My experience with AUM practices has been profound. I have been able to quiet my mind, relax my body, and feel connected in a way I have never experienced before . . . Thank you AUM!

–Harold E.S. Wilkes, Manager of Sales and Business Development, Christy Vault Company

The professional team at AUM incorporates a variety of integrative practices that generate healthy, whole, and productive lives. AUM programs and practices give you access to who YOU are as an essential being. I am impressed with AUM’s integrity, clarity, and practical implementation of mindfulness and healing arts in today’s fast-paced and stress-ridden world. 

–Aaron Parnell, Creator of Reposting, Founder/Owner of The Vitality Center


Skills for Personal and
Professional Effectiveness


This HeartMath high impact program delivers a practical skill-set to respond dynamically and effectively to pressure, emotional challenge and change. Fifteen years of client results show significant, sustained  improvements in health costs, productivity, stress levels, resilience, cognition and emotional well-being.



  • Recognize subtle stress signals before they become chronic
  • Learn powerful techniques to boost performance, resilience and quality of life
  • Use practical intuition to effectively manage change without overwhelm
  • Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions under pressure

At the program’s core are easy-to-learn self-regulation tools and resilience-building practices that help individuals become more balanced, aware and high functioning.

Participants learn how their responses to events, communications or circumstance can deplete or renew their resiliency. They learn an effective skill set to reduce stress, enhance performance, improve health and well being and build effective relationships with colleagues, clients and family.

A key component is the award-winning emWave® technology, real-time monitoring of the impact of emotions on physiology and cognitive state.

The program can be delivered to an organization in several time formats, allowing for scheduling flexibility.


  • Employee satisfaction and well-being
  • Ability to focus, process information and solve problems
  • Regenerative sleep
  • Meeting efficiency
  • Teamwork and morale
  • Ability to deal with difficult clients and constituents
  • Increase vitality and resilience while reducing stress, worry and fatigue.
  • Be less reactive, think clearly and make good decisions under pressure.

Workshop Topics:

  • The latest findings from optimal-performance research.
  • Skills for building resilience in the face of change and uncertainty.
  • Intelligent energy self-regulation techniques.
  • Benefits of coherence for personal and work effectiveness.
  • New research on the effects of relational energetics on co-workers, clients and constituents.
  • How to better access intuition for improved decision-making.
  • Integrating HeartMath tools into everyday routines.

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